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We’ve got ugly trash and cigarette butts that ruin the look of our facility.

Powder-coated steel receptacles are durable and offer an attractive solution for ugly trash and cigarette butts. The top that covers the 340-pound trash receptacle has a spun aluminum bowl built in to receive butts, while the 7-15 mils of polyurethane powder coating ensures a durable and lustrous finish. Receptacles will provide years of beautiful service.

Petersen Manufacturing: 800-832-7383

Our community is building a new trail, and we need low-maintenance benches that can be permanently secured.

Plastic Recycling of Iowa Falls now offers an in-ground version of its popular 100-percent-recycled-plastic Rock Island Bench. Designed to be buried into the ground for a more permanent installation, the benches not only offer added security, but they also will not splinter nor rot and do not require any painting or staining year after year, making them virtually maintenance-free.

Plastic Recycling of Iowa Falls: 800-338-1438

We need to update our sand and wood fiber filled playgrounds to meet ADA accessibility.

SpectraPour safety surfacing is a poured-in-place playground surfacing system from SpectraTurf that has been installed in more than 3 million square feet of surfaces at schools, parks and playgrounds throughout the country. Available in a variety of thicknesses, SpectraPour meets ADA-accessibility standards while providing impact attenuation per ASTM F1292-04 for fall heights ranging from 4 feet to 12 feet CFH.

SpectraTurf: 800-875-5788

Loose-fill surfacing was used on our playgrounds, but shifting created a safety concern in high-traffic areas.

Loose surfaces are prone to shifting as children play. Surface America’s PlayboundTM Poured-in-Place systems provide consistency throughout the eight- to 10-year life expectancy, and they meet all safety standards. Surface America’s systems feature more material per square foot than many others in the industry, providing more protection, greater strength and longer life.

Surface America: 800-999-0555

We need a basketball floor but that room sometimes has humidity or temperature swings—or even water leaks. As a result, purchasing a wood floor is not an option because of possible damage.

Multi-Play has all the properties you’d expect from a wood floor: proper traction, good ball bounce and resilience for participants. Yet it is unaffected by swings in temperature, humidity or water leaks and is much less expensive than a wood floor.

Multi-Play Sports Flooring: 877-673-5667

How can exercise for kids be attractive, fun and effective with real results?

Consider a Treadwall® or KidWallTM , the only rotating climbing walls in the world designed for kid’s fitness. They are proven worldwide in schools, recreation facilities and youth fitness centers. All ages are accommodated happily. Gravity is used instead of motors for safe, trouble-free operation and minimal staffing. A unique self-pacing control allows children to climb at their own pace and train in a variety of engaging and challenging ways. A display shows time, distance and heart rate. Outdoor models are available as well as trailers for mobile operation.

Brewer’s Ledge Inc: 800-707-9616

Is there a low-cost recreation option that people of all ages can enjoy?

Climbing BouldersTM from Playworld® are a fun and low-cost way to bring bouldering to outdoor spaces. The boulders come in five sizes to meet the needs and abilities of a wide age range. The level of challenge increases as the size of each Climbing Boulder increases, making the smallest boulder safe for a 2-year-old and the largest a challenge for older children and adults.

Playworld Systems Inc.: 800-233-8404

We have a large lake on our property, and it has water-quality issues and requires a significant amount of aeration to keep it healthy.

Instead of using a single aerator with a higher horsepower to try to aerate a large volume of water, it is more efficient to use multiple smaller units that are placed strategically around the body of water to disburse the oxygen more evenly.

Air-O-Lator Corporation: 800-821-3177

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