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We want to prevent seams from curling, separating, slipping or otherwise moving, but we don’t want to sandbag during installation.

Avoid using oily or slippery adhesives that require sandbags or other weights to prevent seam movement until they cure. Instead, try Nordot® one-part high grab urethane adhesives, as their gripping properties hold outdoors even in wind or rain. Plus, they retard surface expansion and contraction due to varying air and surface temperatures from a passing mixture of sunshine and clouds. Nordot® high grab adhesives usually can cut installation time, lower labor costs and minimize the need for repetitious weightlifting.

Synthetic Surfaces Inc.: 908-233-6803

Our bleachers need to change throughout the school year as our sports season changes.

TranSport Mobile Bleachers permit bleachers to be moved easily and quickly from one sports field to another. The all-weather bleachers feature 10-row-high seating for great spectator visibility, while seating more people in less ground space. A push-button hydraulic actuation system allows setup by one person in only minutes. A choice of seating capacities accommodates applications from games to graduation.

Century Industries: 800-248-3371

Our gym floor system protects our multipurpose gym, but we have nowhere to store the system.

Along with typical sporting events, you probably use your multipurpose gym for non-athletic activities, such as concerts, dances and graduations. A gym floor cover system is the answer for protecting your floor, and CoverSports USA’s Mini Storage Rack is a solution for storing gym floor coverings where space is limited. The Mini-Rack, which holds 5-foot-wide cover sections, works for gym area floors measuring less than 55 feet wide by 100 feet long. The rack measures only 34 inches wide, 6.5 feet high and 6.5 feet long, yet can hold up to 12 sections of floor covering.

CoverSports USA: 800-445-6680

We have difficulty getting bleacher seating where and when we need it.

The Speedy Bleacher system by Kay Park-Recreation is highway-towable, push-button-operated and folds with hydraulics. The unit’s simplistic design allows you to move it around town for parades, viewing stands and sporting events where seating is needed other than normal fixed seating.

Kay Park-Recreation: 800-553-2476

How can we prevent vandalism and damage to restroom toilet partitions?

Manufactured from rugged 1-inch-thick marine-grade polypropylene material, Hadrian’s solid plastic toilet partitions are an ideal choice for high-use areas such as recreation, sports and fitness facilities. Hadrian’s polypropylene partitions are designed to overcome abuse and allow most graffiti to be removed without leaving an unsightly "ghost" behind. They will not delaminate, dent, flake, crack, rust or break. With the industry’s best warranty, Hadrian’s solid plastic toilet partitions are a good value.

Hadrian Manufacturing, Inc.: 905-333-0300

How can we prevent vandalism to both indoor and outdoor water coolers?

Halsey Taylor Vandal-Resistant HVR Series water coolers are designed for a variety of applications, including parks, recreational facilities, schools, stadiums and golf courses. Called the HVR Series, the rugged, stainless-steel coolers meet both adult and child ADA as well as are rated for indoor and outdoor service. Vandal-resistant features include a chrome-plated bubbler and single-action mechanical push buttons; 220-240 volt and factory-installed frost-resistant options also are available.

Halsey Taylor: 630-574-3500

We need to restrict vehicle traffic to certain areas but must maintain emergency access for fire, ambulance, etc.

MaxiForce Traffic Control Bollards’ patented collapsible bollard units restrict traffic flow as well as provide for emergency access. Operated by a hydrant wrench, the unit collapses to less than 3.5 inches above the ground. Additionally, the unit has a patented breakaway feature allowing emergency personnel access without exiting their vehicles.

Blue Ember Technologies: 410-552-9888

Our community center is installing a new gymnasium floor. Is there a good alternative to the traditional hardwood?

Abacus Sports Installations, Ltd. specializes in the Padenpor multipurpose floor. This patented system is comprised of a prefabricated (recycled) rubber basemat that is coated on-site with up to six applications of superior, self-leveling polyurethane. The end result is an extremely durable surface with excellent ball rebound and shock-absorption. Used primarily for gymnasiums, this multipurpose floor is an excellent choice for church fellowship halls, indoor running tracks, cafeterias and multipurpose rooms. The floor also has a high resistance to rolling loads such as bleachers and table/chair-hauling equipment.

Abacus Sports Installations: 800-821-4557

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