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Repairing rusty, dented lockers is becoming a costly headache for maintenance.

Solid plastic Lenox® Lockers from Bradley will never rust or delaminate and never need painting. Scratches and graffiti are easily removed. A patented one-piece, wraparound box design means no screws, rivets or joints. Lockers are shipped fully assembled, ready for installation. Lenox® Lockers are quiet, rugged, secure and odor-free, and cleaning is as easy as hosing them down.

Bradley: 800-BRADLEY (272-3539)

We’re looking for the best way to purify our water without using heat or chemicals.

Ultraviolet water purification is an innovative and rapid method of water disinfection, offering a safe, effective, economical method of purifying water without the use of heat or chemicals. Virtually all microorganisms are susceptible to ultraviolet disinfection, providing you with hundreds of gallons of purified water for each penny of operational cost. There is also no danger of over-using dangerous chemicals. Each unit requires simple installation and minimum space.

Brock Enterprises: 800-332-2360

We’re trying to match the rustic architectural style of our large picnic shelter with a new pre-engineered restroom facility.

Romtec, Inc. can design and supply a complete pre-engineered building with exterior design features to match the shelter. When the Metro Park and Recreation District of Bend, Ore., planned a picnic shelter and public restrooms for the city’s new riverfront park, they wanted to use a pre-engineered restroom building that would look just right alongside the rustic wood and stone architecture of the shelter (shown in background). Romtec, Inc. designed and supplied the new concrete restroom/storage building (foreground) that fits right in with the shelter, using rough-sawn trusses, board-and-batten wood siding, native cut stone, and matching roofing.

Romtec, Inc.: 541-496-3541

We have a limited budget for spray elements for our park.

The Vortex Safeswap Anchoring System is an effective way to develop your splash play area in stages. Now you gradually can expand your play products and maximize play value as your budget allows. Unused anchoring points are protected by geyser spray caps, so unused space is never wasted while you plan for bigger and better. Thanks to the Vortex Safeswap Anchoring System, you easily can replace or interchange play products without destroying the underlying infrastructure. Safeswap by Vortex can be the coolest thing in the park.

Vortex Aquatic Structures Int’l: 877-5VORTEX

We have a gym floor cover and need a rack, but we’re afraid of the whole rack tipping over.

The all new Covermate IITM from Covermaster Inc. is untippable thanks to the special, retractable safety outriggers. Additionally, the cover rollers are held captive with roller end collars, while safety bolts at the top of the roller brackets prevent roller "pop-ups." Separate, easy-to-locate, foot-operated floor locks anchor the system solidly in place with push-on, push-off technology. Covermate IITM takes gym floor cover handling to a whole new level of safety.

Covermaster Inc.: 800-387-5808

Water is seeping into our scoreboard and damaging it.

Make your next scoreboard a Fair-Play scoreboard. Fair-Play uses three layers of waterproofing protection to help stop the damaging effects of water exposure. Self-sealing rivets on the rust-free aluminum scoreboards prevent water from entering through its cabinet. Neoprene gaskets, with their silicone-like seals, envelop each LED to protect from water exposure through the scoreboard face. Additionally, conformal coating guards internal electronic components from corrosion caused by humidity.

Fair-Play: 800-247-0265

We need to resurface our tennis court, and we want to go with a high-performance option.

SportMaster has been providing tennis court owners with premium-quality surfacing products and outstanding technical service and support for more than 25 years. The company brings science and advanced technology to the tennis court surface, resulting in a system of tennis court surfacing products that provides optimum performance for both player and surface.

Sportmaster: 800-395-7325

We’re looking for an efficient way to keep our gym floors clean.

Regularly removing dust and dirt from wood gym floors can lengthen the time between resurfacings. Courtclean is a fast, safe and affordable solution for slippery floors and mats. One person can use the system, and play can begin immediately. With the Courtclean system, dirt is lifted off of the floor and removed. Courtclean works on all flat surfaces including wood, synthetic, mats and cover tarps.

Courtclean: 800-900-2481

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