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We’d like to find a safe surfacing system for our playground that also looks great and is easy to maintain.

Factory-molded PlayGuard safety tiles provide a colorful and clean alternative to wood and rubber mulch. Tiles stay in place to provide all of the safety protection of poured-in-place systems, but with ease of installation and maintenance. With a full line of accessories in a variety of colors, PlayGuard is one of the most versatile playground surfacing systems available.

Dodge-Regupol, Inc.: 800-851-4746

Replacement parts for our playground are eating up our budget.

When buying a playspace, BCI Burke asks you to consider your total cost of ownership. Your playground is a big investment, and you want it to last. Burke playgrounds make long-term sense because they have among the longest and strongest warranty in the industry. That means Burke doesn’t pro-rate its warranty and nickel-and-dime you to death. Burke makes superior-quality products and stands behind those products before, during and after the sale.

BCI Burke: 800-356-2070

We’d like to maximize the performance and life of our track surface.

Standing water causes delays and also shortens a track’s life, particularly in freeze-thaw climates. An effective trench drainage system primarily removes rainfall but can be used as a barrier to isolate the track to prevent damage and debris buildup on the track surface caused by contaminated runoff from bleachers or infield areas.

ACO Sport: 800-993-2738

Our outdoor aquatic facility is vulnerable to lightning, and we want to provide a safe environment for our visitors.

Rain Drop Products can add peace of mind to your aquatic facility with its Strike GuardTM Lightning Detection System. Strike GuardTM works by monitoring cloud-to-ground lightning activity in the user-set radius. When Lightning is detected, the SprayGround equipment automatically shuts down and an alarm triggers to let patrons know to leave the water.

Rain Drop Products, LLC: 800-343-6063

Our natural palm leaves offer island charm, but they’re fading and shedding.

Safari has a solution: its All-Weather Synthatch, among the most authentic-looking faux palm thatch in the world. Effective for difficult or wet environments like waterparks, zoos or poolside when natural thatch is just not an option, Synthatch doesn’t shed or fade and requires no maintenance. Various umbrella diameters are available, or purchase Synthatch as roof panels. Simple clip-on panels make installation a breeze. Synthatch offers 10-plus years of durability even in the harshest conditions.

Safari Thatch & Bamboo Inc.: 954-564-0059

We have slippery, cracking, stained, moldy and mildewed floors in our locker rooms and swimming pool deck, and tough-duty cleaners are just making the problems worse.

NataDek is a dynamic flooring solution for your waterpark, aquatic facility or wet environment. NataDek is specifically formulated for all wet floor situations to prohibit the growth of algae and bacteria, while its scientific tread surface prevents slipping. It’s safe, sanitary, comfortable, slip-resistant and ASTM-certified.

Natare Corporation: 800-336-8828

We need to replace our old carpeted gym floor. It’s holding in moisture and dirt, causing horrible odors and mildew.

RB Athletic Flooring is superior, durable and easily cleaned. These products are aesthetically pleasing, easy to install and are offered in a variety of colors. They’re effective for upgrading to a new look and feel for your interior workout area. RB Rubber Products manufactures with premium recycled rubber.

RB Rubber Products, Inc.: 800-525-5530

Our playground surfacing is inadequate, and we don’t want to create a hazard for children.

More than 200,000 children each year go to the hospital emergency room with injuries associated with playground equipment—most due to inadequate surfacing. A new innovation comes to the surface with Miracle’s new PlayTerrainTM synthetic turf. It’s easy to install, durable and provides fast drainage to play areas with a plush carpet-like feel. PlayTerrainTM turf blends substance with style to offer an appealing natural grass look. When safety and class matter, step onto the future with PlayTerrainTM .

Miracle-Recreation: 888-458-2752

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