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We’re looking for a shade structure that provides shade for more than just part of the day.

Your problem is solved with Parasol’s 360-degree pivoting SundialTM . Get all-day shade coverage by moving the Sundial’s fabric-covered top to any eight locked positions. The SundialTM is available in 26 vivid powder-coat frame colors and 13 colors of UV-blocking fabric tops. Parasol’s patented top tensioning system is among the easiest available, requiring just the twist of a bolt.

Porter Corp.: 800-354-7721

Our multiuse tables need replacing with something durable and attractive.

The new Swirl table from Southern Aluminum features a swirl design etched into the aluminum table tops. Each lightweight table is finished with a protective clear coat, making it resistant to scratching and staining. The Swirl table is available in Satin Swirl or Copper Swirl and can be used with or without linens. A spandex wrap also is available.

Southern Aluminum: 800-221-0408

Playground surfacing is expensive, but we want our playground to be as safe as possible.

Park Structures’ new family of slides features a steeper angle and shorter overall length, eliminating the need for excess surfacing. Now more funds can be designated toward equipment for play. Not only will children love racing their friends to the bottom, but the sharper angle creates a small use zone, which means less surfacing to purchase.

Park Structures: 800-727-1907

We need to be able to move our heavy picnic tables for events and storage.

The Pilot Rock Table Mover is a commercial-quality tool for use by anyone who has picnic tables that need to be moved. It works independently of the style of table frame, and it will accommodate seat planks of various materials and sizes. One person can move tables up to 12 feet long (500 pounds) without a motorized vehicle. Tables can be moved over most ground surfaces and in or out of areas not readily accessible to vehicles.

R.J. Thomas Mfg. Co. Inc.: 800-762-5002

Excessive winds and misuse cause lifeguard umbrellas to break or bend out of shape, causing costly and time-consuming replacement. Plus, umbrellas don’t offer enough UV protection and aren’t aesthetically pleasing.

Waterloo’s Fiberline Umbrellas have fiberglass ribs, reducing breakage or bending that distorts appearance. Avoid dealing with faulty cranks with a simple push-up mechanism for opening. Waterloo also offers a two-year guarantee on fiberglass components. These shades provide an average 95 percent UV protection. Custom sizes, colors, designs and fabrics are available to match any theme.

Waterloo Tent & Tarp Co. Inc.: 800-537-1193

We’d like to be prepared with backup power for a disaster like Hurricane Katrina.

Power Outlet Pedestals by Jamestown Advanced Products are an effective solution. Jamestown Power is providing these units throughout the Hurricane Katrina damage zone to power temporary housing units. The decision to use the Jamestown line of power outlets, along with its other park products, was based mainly on three factors: availability, affordability and dependability.

Jamestown Advanced Products: 800-452-0639

Golfers complain about the odor and unpleasantness of our mid-course portable toilet.

The Clivus M54 Trailhead offers an odorless, cost-effective alternative to portable toilets, vaults and pit latrines. Effective for golf courses, the Trailhead is easy to install and available in a variety of styles. Like all Clivus units, the Trailhead conserves water and produces safe, composted solid and liquid end products, which can be used on-site.

Clivus Multrum, Inc.: 800-425-4887

Our fields need irrigating, but we’re not sure what will be best.

Kifco Water-Reels® addresses the concerns of anyone wishing to irrigate. They operate automatically and provide controlled applications of water where and when you need it. They’re safe because there are no control boxes or irrigation heads in the playing area. AT the end of an irrigation cycle, the Water-Reel® can be removed from the field. Irrigating a sports field with a Kifco Water-Reel® provides the athletes with optimal playing conditions. The unit is portable, so it’s economical and can be used on multiple fields. Plus, there are several sizes of Water Reels® available.

Kifco Inc.: 800-452-7017

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