There's not enough money in the budget to enhance our green spaces and common areas.

With DuMor, Inc.'s Sponsor a Bench Program, community members and organizations can purchase and donate products to the community. Products can be dedicated in honor or memory of individuals and organizations with beautiful custom cast bronze plaques.

DuMor: 800-598-4018

Chlorinating with liquid bleach is messy and inconsistent, and strength degrades over time.

Tired of bleached clothing, replacing peristaltic pumps and inconsistent chlorine delivery? Then, say goodbye to liquid bleach and hello to Accu-Tab® calcium hypochlorite tablet systems by PPG Industries. These built-to-last chlorinators will stand up to the toughest water-sanitizing assignments. From spas to waterparks, Accu-Tab Systems are easy to use, controller-friendly and provide a high level of safety compared to liquid bleach.

PPG Industries, Inc.: 800-245-2974

We're looking for a synthetic turf system that not only provides cost benefits but has all the playability features of natural grass and is safe to use year-round for our athletes.

FieldTurf's engineered turf systems play like their natural grass cousin and offer the industry's most advanced fiber technology along with FieldTurf's patented sand/rubber infill. Due to rubber displacement and the unstable nature of all-rubber fields, FieldTurf's engineered system is vastly superior to other systems that simply do not have the bio-mechanical properties of the FieldTurf system. Proof of the sand-rubber superiority is in the ground—1,800 times.

FieldTurf: 800-724-2969

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